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Qigong, which iterally means "practice of vital energy", is an ancient Chinese art of mediation and physical exercise. When it is practiced correctly, it promotes health, mental well-being, and martial arts skills. There are many types of qigong systems. Most qigong systems incorporate breathing techniques, moving exercises, massage techniques, still postures and mental training. Qigong is well-known in China, and now, in the West, for its development of internal energy, promotion of healing, reduction of stress, and extension of life.

Wuji Qigong - The Wuji Qigong is a standing mediation exercise to help practitioners build a strong foundation in qigong theory. Wuji Qigong is the core of taiji qigong and will assist in enhancing one's focus and improving the immune system by gathering the scattered "qi" (internal energy) back to the dantian. It will also help you to know yourself better by helping you find your inner center.

Hun Yuan Qigong - The Hun Yuan Qigong exercises use the external movements to guide the internal energy flow. These exercises emphasize the mixing of the prenatal and postnatal "qi" and the cultivation of the 3 human treasures:

* "jing" - the life essence
* "qi" - the vital energy
* "shen" - the spirit or awareness

The Hun Yuan Qigong exercises will also help bring in the "yang" energy from the heaven above and the "yin" energy from the earth below to combine with the human vital energy. The cultivation of these energies within the body can help students reduce mental stress and tension, and improve concentration and health. The cultivation of "qi" (internal energy), can improve the health and martial abilities of the practitioner.


Silk-Reeling Exercises (Chan Si Gong) - "Gong" in Chinese means work or skill or exercises (drills). Silk-reeling Exercises (SRE) in Taiji are a set of repetitive spiral movemnet exercises with emphasis on --- the ground connection, waist connection, knee alignment, kua sinking, opening and closing of joints and dantian rotation. These continuous spiral movement are the basic components, the foundational building blocks of Taijiquan. This series of spiral movement exercises are for the development of the basic strengths and coordination of Chen Taijiquan. These exercises will increase the mobility of body joints and relax the muscles and tendons of the practitioner. The spiral movements will open up and exercise the 18 major joints (in sequence from the head to the ankles) of the body, promote muscle relaxation and flexibility, and reduce physical tension and strain.

Many people misunderstand the nature of SRE. They believe that SRE are only a set of stretching exercises to stretch the bones, muscles and tendons of the practitioner. Silk-reeling exercises can be considered as stretching exercises which use the Taiji principles to help relax our bodies physically and mentally, but the reverse is not true.

SRE must be taught by a qualified instructor, who knows the theory of these exercises so that the essential quality of these exercises can be obtained. These exercises must be practiced correctly to prevent body injury. 
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