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Traditional Chen Taiji is a branch school of the Chen Qingchou Martial Arts Association, based in Xulu (Chen) Village, Henan Province, China (birth place of tai-chi).  Our head teacher, Master Chin King-Loon, offers Chen style Tai Chi classes virtually online and at many Bay Area locations including San Mateo, Palo Alto, San Jose and Menlo Park of Northern California in the United States.

There are now five main styles of Tai Chi: Chen, Yang, Sun and the two Wu styles. Chen style Tai Chi is widely acknowledged as the oldest and ancestor of all the other tai-chi styles. It was kept hidden in the Chen family until recent times because it was a highly prized and valuable defense skill for the villages. It was also practiced by young and old for health benefits. Chen style Tai Chi has only recently made its appearance on the world scene and is fast becoming the most popular form of Tai Chi in the world today. Both old and young Tai Chi practitioners are beginning to appreciate why generations of the Chen family were determined to maintain their sacred art in its purest form so that everyone may experience the maximum benefits under their guidance.

Unlike other styles of Tai Chi, Chen style Tai Chi is a sequence of dynamic movements that combine soft and hard, with fast and slow actions, in a balanced and natural way that adheres to the philosophical principles of yin and yang. Contained within its framework are spiraling, twisting, and unique silk reeling energy movement, jumps, leaps and explosive energy releases. During practice the body remains relaxed with the practitioners consciousness, breathing and actions all closely connected. These unique features enhance benefits to health, fitness, and weight loss and are just a few of the reasons why so many people, regardless of age and level of fitness, regularly practice Chen style Tai Chi throughout the world today. Chen style Tai Chi continues to remain true to its original meaning and application since its creation.

Tai Chi is suitable for people of all ages and levels of physical fitness. The movements can be performed slowly and gently for health and relaxation, or faster and more powerful for fitness and self defense applications. Our goal is to share this wonderful ancient Chinese martial arts form with the public and to expose the public to the original intention of this ancient internal martial arts form. Practitioners will benefit from knowing both the health and martial art aspects of Chen Tai Chi. Our classes are attended by a diverse group of people of all ages. We offer a friendly, welcoming environment for people of all physical abilities to learn and practice Taiji at their own pace.

In the News:
  • Master Chin King-Loon was invited to demonstrate Tai-Chi at the California Home, Garden & Design Show at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds on the 27th of Oct, 2017, and was broadcast on some TV channels in the Bay Area.

  • Master Chin King-Loon was invited to demonstrate Tai-Chi and taught workshops at the South Bay Home & Garden Show featuring the KTSF Moon Garden at the Santa Clara Convention Center, and was broadcast on KTSF Channel 26 TV station on Friday the 5th of Sept, 2008.
  • Master Chin King-Loon was on the cover page of "The Guide" newspaper published on Sunday the 29th of July,2004 with a full page article.
  • Master Chin King-Loon was invited to demonstrate Tai-Chi at the City Hall Open House event of the city of Daly City, and was interviewed and broadcasted on the news program of the Channel 26 Chinese TV station on Friday the 20th of May, 2003.